How I went from no money in the bank to making 3,5 million in a year

...and helping thousands of entrepreneurs to build a thriving business too.

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1. When did you become an entrepreneur?

I was 29.

My first business was something totally different.
I used my last bit of money to rent a big, luxurious house to live in and maxed out all my creditcards. I set it up with big tables, comfortable sofas and whiteboards.

Then, I started renting out my own living room - as an "alternative meeting spot".

It worked: companies like Apple, and Disney paid 500 euros a day to have meetings in my living room.

One year later, I ran 4 locations and a team of 15.

For 4 years, this was my business. Then I dove into online entrepreneurship. People kept asking: "How do you DO all of this?!", so I started teaching online courses to help them achieve the same.

2. Did you grow up rich?

I grew up in a strict and Christian family, who raised me to find a man to "take care of me".

After failed relationships where I played the role of "the woman behind the successful man", I realized I needed to chase my own dreams and I started my entrepreneurial journey.

That's where my drive comes from: showing women they can be financially successful - on THEIR OWN.

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3. What's the hardest thing you had to overcome?

From sexual abuse as a child, to struggling with an eating disorder and being a shy teenager with low self-confidence, I grew into someone who vlogs on camera daily and gets hired as a speaker.

I'm obsessed with personal development - so therapy, self-help books, plant medicine and listening to a ton of podcasts and books have played a huge role in my journey to who I am now.

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4. Where do you live?

Together with my dog Bella, I live in Sedona - a small town in the desert of Arizona, USA. I just bought my own house here.

In 2021, I emigrated from the Netherlands to the US.

For years, I traveled the world as a digital nomad, from Bali and Singapore to Japan and Dubai. I still have a house in Amsterdam, too.

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5. What are you most proud of?

To be brave enough to let go of and give up things that seemed crazy or risky to the "outside world" - again and again.

I quit my career as a journalist.

I gave up my membership with 50,000 euro monthly revenue.

I left everything behind in the Netherlands to start a new life in the US.

It takes some serious guts to do something out of the box. Something totally different than what everyone else is doing and expecting of you. People love it when you play it small - because it makes them feel safe.

But you know what? Doing the damn thing, that's where all the growth happens.


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