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Celine Charlotte (35) is an award-winning 7-figure entrepreneur and online educator. After her first business in real estate took off with clients like Disney, Apple and, she's been named ‘young entrepreneur of the year’.


Now she runs the company C.Academy, which she took from zero to 7-figures in under two years, teaching over 18.000 entrepreneurs to build an online business. The most popular courses include how to create an online course, productivity, and money & investing.


She hosts her own podcast and is often hired as a speaker. As a business expert, Celine has been featured in Business Insider, 30+ other media, and appeared in tv shows in the Netherlands.


You can follow her entrepreneurial journey on Instagram with daily vlogs about her life as an entrepreneur, spiritual adventures, hiking the beautiful desert of Sedona with her dog and sharing personal business tips, tricks and fails.

Originally from the Netherlands, she now lives in Sedona.

 celine charlotte portrait with phone.

By the numbers

  • 18,000 courses sold
  • Making an average of 3 million a year
  • Became a self-made miljonair at the age of 33
  • Moved to USA in 2021 from the Netherlands

  • Teaches mostly women from 24-44 years
  • 51,00 followers on instagram
  • 5 years since starting her own business
  • Courses range from 150 - 3,000 dollars

Approved photos

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celine charlotte portrait with phone
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