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She turned her own experiences, failures and breakthroughs into a thriving business with over 18,000 students - and now can show you how to do it, too.

With a combination of years of experience and raw authenticity, she's helped ten thousands of people achieve their goals. From hosting a podcast with over half a million downloads to sharing her daily life and learnings with a following of 51,000, Celine knows how to connect with people and inspire them to unlock their best selves.

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The 3 topics I talk about most


'How to end guilt and perfectionism and make work fun again'

Join me for a practical workshop where I share my framework to get your productivity on point.

Created for the creative online entrepreneur who tends to get a little chaotic and distracted. We'll cover everything from focus hours to saying "no" and finally breaking free from perfectionism.

+ Workshop, 45 min or shorter

Staci Harper


'How to Date Your Money and REALLY, actually love it, too'

Ever wished that money wasn't such a stressful topic in your life? But seeing it as something light and fun - like a game even?

I'll share my personal story of becoming a self-made millionaire.

Of how our parents and the way we're raised keeps us from making money. Of financial failures and going into debt to go all-in.

+ Talk, 45 min or shorter

Staci Harper


'How to sell on Instagram through storytelling'

Most people know me from my Instagram stories, where a 51k people tune in daily to get a glimpse into my life.

I share all about the power of documenting your life while being authentic, building a community on Instagram and how I earn 3.5 million a year with just 51k followers.

+ Talk, 30 min or shorter

Staci Harper

"Celine has the gift of distilling the very best tips from her experience as an entrepreneur, and the enthusiasm to really make people think. A golden combination."



In person

A 15-45 minute talk on a variety of topics like money, productivity and storytelling. Perfect for events, seminars or masterminds.



No matter where you are, let me deliver an engaging and inspiring talk. Great for online events, like live Zoom sessions.



Got a curious audience? I'm happy to answer their questions on a single topic, or host an "Ask Me Anything" session.


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